It is the policy that discloses the privacy practices of This policy is specifically aimed for the protection of collected information of this site. It has the following things to notify:

  1. What is the personal information that we collect from you and how we use it, share and gather this information?
  2. What are the option do you get regarding your data.
  3. The protection of your information from being misused.
  4. How to make corrections in the inaccurate information.

Collection of Information, Usage, and Sharing

The information we collect is only for our site. The info that you shared with us through emails and direct contacting remains only with us. We do not give it to others for any cost.

We utilize your information to reduce your issue, which you have sent to us. We will not share any information to anyone outside of this organization and maintain this fact thoroughly. We only share your data if there is a need arise, such as for shipping purposes, your accessing information will is used.

We may also send you the new offers for the products and their privacy changes via email to keep you updated.

Access and Control to Information

You can access your information and control it by contacting us through email. The things that you can do at any time are:

  1. Look out you’re about data if there is anything relevant to you.
  2. You can change or correct the related data.
  3. Did you found the commission of your data?
  4. You can tell us issues related to our usage of your data.


We always have protection measures to keep your information safe. The shared information on our site by you is still secured on both offline or online modes. We keep the sensitive info in the encrypted and transmitted form. You can see this by looking at the icon of a closed lock at the bottom of the browse page and at the beginning of web addresses such as https.

CBD Oil Cast uses encryption for sensitive information protection wither it is offline or online. Only those persons ho need your personal information for billing and shipping ill take the access to your info. Other than that, no one can access your personal information. It is kept in an environment that is considered secure for your information.


We have made this privacy statement to depict our commitment to privacy. If you have any other queries related to this privacy policy, you can contact us freely. reserves the right to make amendments and change this policy at any time.

Cookie Policy

Our changes can be done at any time, so make sure to check out the updates. You can see the date of the last update at the top of this page. It may tell you about the previous time revision date of this policy.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are sent to the user’s browser from a computer website. The user can save this info to its computer or system hard drive. Our cookies equip of a minimal amount of information so that it will take no more significant portion of memory in your device. It stores the information about your visit to our site. also has the web beacons that show about your visit and received text from a particular website. This is a one-pixel image that depicts the visitor’s view and a message from a site. It is retrieved from a remote website to analyze the visitor’s view. These web beacons help us to explain that for which advertisement you came to our site and check the detail of out third-party products. This will also aid us in our marketing tactics and effectiveness measurement. It will additionally add more enhancements to our site development.

We also use these web beacons to relate them with your view and web approaching purpose. The aid of first and third-party cookies is always supportive for demographic evaluation.  We access the first-party cookies, and the third party cookies are accessed by a few of our third party companies.

If you do not want to have our cookies in your device, then you disallow us, but it may lead to the dysfunctioning of some sites.

Our Cookies

We use the following cookies in our website. They are:

Analytics Cookies

This kind of cookies tells us about your usage for the site and which help us to improve the quality of our site. It also gives information for the high traffic pages, the pages that you goa after our website, and those pages that people mostly go from our site. Analytics Cookies tells us about the thorough elaboration of the visitor’s activity on browsing and visiting various websites.

Essential Cookies

These cookies are for the primary memory of the site. They are necessary for site functioning as Essential Cookies are responsible for remembering the last visited page.

Advertising Cookies

This cookie is used to know about customers/visitors’ behaviors toward a particular thing which helps us to share the relevant advertisements.

Social Media Cookies

The role of social media cookies is also influential because they help share our content on different social media platforms to make people aware of our content. This is also used for advertising the products to give information to our customers on a broader scale.

How to Decide Your Cookie Preferences

If there are any issues in having cookies in your device. Then you can avoid the cookies from or other sites. You may turn off the cookies, but this will make some disruption in showing some mutual requirements of our page. You can have info on how to decide which cookie is god for you by browsing the below links.

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