What is Cannabis – How to use Cannabis in Different Ways?

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is a group of plants that have psychoactive properties. Usually, there are three plants included that are Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis.

Its flowers are dried and used as pot, weed, or marijuana around the globe. It is illegal in some areas, but some of the states are now utilizing it in the perspective of medical properties.

This is known for its relaxing and calming benefits. Due to its medicinal properties, it is used in some of the states of the U.S., and it is usually considered suitable for chronic health issues/pains, glaucoma, and disturbed appetite.

However, Cannabis is derived from a plant that has positive or negative effects on health.

What is Cannabis?

Different ways of using Cannabis

How To Make Cannabis Tea?

Taking Cannabis is easier when you are going for the tea option. Yes, many years are trending around the globe for the intake of Cannabis. Its tea is a soothing and more straightforward way to consume in daily routines.

Although it is easier to make cannabis tea, it is not as simple just to throw some buds into the water. You have to go through a proper process to enjoy each sip of your tea. To get the relaxation and calmness with cannabis tea, You can try our below easy steps:

make cannabis tea

Ingredients for Cannabis Tea

  • Marijuana buds
  • Coconut oil or butter
  • Water                     
  • Tea ball/tea bag



Boil the water and bring it to the boil. Try to boil water in a pot because the making of cannabis tea is longer than a usual drink.

Add more water because it takes more time that means adding more water will extract out more essence of Cannabis into your tea.

Step 2.

Take the clean, and useful leaves if the cannabis weed and grind it finely to drain out the best effects for pain and relaxation.

Step 3.

You have to do something for not getting high with THC. So, mix your grind mixture with the butter or coconut oil to remove the THC content effectively.

Step 4.

Add this mixture into your tea ball or tea bag to dip into your water.

Step 5.

Drop the tea bag or tea ball into the water and turn on your stove on a low flame. Letting your tea bag or tea ball into the water for 30 minutes will be the best time to drain out most of the extract from Cannabis. But, if you are in a hurry than 15 minutes will also be fine to get its sufficient amount.

NOTE: During the process of boiling and making tea, the water has been evaporated. So, you can add more water if you feel that there is a lack of water in your teapot.

Step 6.

After 15-30 minutes, your tea will be ready. Have cannabis tea and enjoy the benefits.

How To Make Cannabis Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil is one of the beneficial oil but infusing it with other oils and fats may increase its perks. Mixing of Cannabis with coconut oil is not tough. It is entirely more uncomplicated. Check out our recipe to make your coconut oil-infused cannabis oil.

cannabis coconut oil


You will need:

  • Ground Cannabis flower                         1 cup
  • Coconut oil                                                  1 cup
  • Other things for working:
  • Strainer/cheesecloth
  • Grinder
  • Double-boiler, slow cooker or saucepan


First of all, grind the Cannabis and keep in your mind try to make it a little bit in lumps.e do not crush it into a fine powder.

After that, mix the ground cannabis and coconut oil into double-boiler or slow cooker. Heat them together on a low flame for a few hours.

Different utensils take different times to make the best mixture of coconut and Cannabis. For instance, a slow cooker will be kept for 4-6 hours on a low flame.

A double-boiler on small will be held for 6-8 hours. In a simple pan, you have to keep it for three hours. 

  • Strain it with the strainer or cheesecloth.
  • Keep it for cooling in a dish.
  • Add the oil into the jar.

NOTE: the storage capacity of this oil is two months that can be increased by refrigerating.

How To Make Cannabis Distillate?

The distillate of Cannabis or THC is getting more popularity among the people. The benefits of this distillers are so many that you can use it according to your choice.

You can smoke, vape or take it in any form because they have THC distillation. It is done through the following method, that is:

Short path distillation: In this process, the THC has been evaporated more fastly s compared to other elements in the mixture.

Cannabis distillate

Things you need for Cannabis Distills:

  • Flasks
  • Bunsen burner
  • Thermometer
  • Tubing
  • Vacuum for steam movement
  • Collection flasks
  • Ethanol
  • Cannabis grinder


It is quite complicated and includes the following things:

  • Mix the cannabis flower with a solvent like ethanol.
  • Boil this mixture until the terpenes turned into steam.
  • Collect this steam into a cooling tube or a condensate that lead it toward the storage tank.
  • Cannabis fraction is done in the cooled tube by increasing the temperature again.
  • You can add any flavour or smell to your distils at this stage.

How To Make Cannabis Chocolate?

Chocolate is the most favourite thing in the world. Everyone loved it. So, many people tried to infuse this yummiest thing with Cannabis. Yes, you can mix these two things to enjoy the taste, flavour and benefits at the same time.

Cannabis chocolate


  • Finely-ground Chocolate Haze                                      3-5 grams
  • Dark chocolate                                                                  100 grams


  • Glass bowl
  • Saucepan
  • Chocolate mould


  • First of all, bake the Cannabis at 115°C for about 30-45 minutes. It is known as Decarboxylate, which help the Cannabis from absorption.
  • Melt the chocolate in a glass bowl and put it on the pan which is already filled with simmering water. Stir it accurately and occasionally. This will melt away chocolate without burning.
  • Grind the decarboxylated Cannabis finely.
  • Then, add the Cannabis into chocolate. Mix it properly to blend all the things.
  • Pour the mixture into the mould or ice cubes and let it for cooling.
  • Tap the mould or ice cubes to reduce the extra air bubbles from the chocolate mixture.
  • Keep in the refrigerator and enjoy it after its freezing.

Bottom Line

Cannabis is a plant with psychoactive properties. It has many kinds and found with different uses in recent years. You can enjoy in various ways to get benefits.

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