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The maintenance and working of our site take a lot of financial effort that we collect by developing relationships with various companies of CBD products. We also manage the expenses by having relations with online retailers such as Amazon.com and so on. These connections help us in progress, website growth, comprehensive research, and generating content for publication. CBDOilCast.com provides the unbiased content to readers without any charges. Our site never cost any amount or a single penny to the visitors for the reviews and guides.

 We have a precise and transparent working for our consumers. To ensure more, let’s read out further details:

We make connections with manufacturing companies of CBD products. It has the cost-per-click and affiliated fees that we got as a commission with the relevant brand and its page links. CBDOilCast.com got the commissions from companies, but this does not impact on our reviews and guides for the products.

We also have participated in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. It means if a customer buys the product through an Amazon.com link, then we got the commission from Amazon due to this purchase. CBDOilCast.com will not bother if you are not visiting the content without amazon. You can visit the site directly, as well.

If the readers of CBDOilCast.com visit the affiliated websites or Amazon.com and buy a product, then we have committed. But, if the reader faced issues and returned the product according to its return policy, our commissions ill also be abolished. We write about only quality products and avoid to write about inferior products.

CBDOilCast.com has not received financial payments from companies in return of their products’ featuring and reviews. However, we collect some free products from the company, and these are the sample product used for research purposes. This thing may not affect our reviewing quality and guides for the products.

Due to the tie-up an affiliation with various companies, we have made a few things to ensure the protection of our content.

The rating of the product has been done by an external evaluation system, which includes; verified makers, customer reviews/testimonials from various sites, and product testification from the manufacturers. For further info about our ranking process, you can read about our research methodology.

We do not provide info to our writers and editorials about our working websites because they work despite any biasness. They did not write to please the companies. We write only to inform the visitors for the specific product information. But, our writers can contact affiliated companies to take information about pricing, ingredients, warranty, and return policy.

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